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25 Strong Cannabis Health Claims that are backed by Science

Published 18 hours ago 

on May 18, 2019

ByMegan Stevens

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There is an astounding amount of scientific evidence that proves the fascinating efficiency of the trendiest substance in the market – cannabis! Below are 25 facts that comprehensively show case the wonders this substance can do:

1. Cannabis is effective in treating symptoms of nausea and vomiting, especially in cancer patients

Cannabis is known for its nausea alleviating properties. It is extremely beneficial in providing relief from nausea and vomiting. A group of researchers found that about 70 to 100 percent of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy got instant relief from nausea. However, the results are more promising on smoking the substance rather than using it in other forms. The study was conducted in 2001, and it appears online in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics.

2. Cannabis aids muscular discomfort in multiple sclerosis (MS)

Patients with Multiple Sclerosis often complain about pains that stop them from living their normal life. A group of scientists in 2012 discovered that the THC compound present in cannabis soothes the cramping and contraction of body muscles. Patients with MS often face this condition. They do not find other pain-relieving products any helpful in reducing the symptoms. However, cannabis has proved to be among the best relieving agent for them. The study appears in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

3. Treat all of your chronic and acute pains with the most tried and effective substance

The most common usage of cannabis for medical purposes is eliminating signs of chronic pain. Pharmaceutical products provide only half the relief for only 30 to 40 percent of people according to a study in Canada. Around 40 percent of people who use opioid painkillers also combine medical marijuana for better results.

Moreover, a study in 2011 suggests that using cannabis thrice daily for five days alleviated chronic pain in the patients under observation by 27 percent. The compound THC has pain reducing properties that target the specific area with pain and shows its action in a short amount of time.

4. Cannabis prevents cartilage from breaking down in Osteo Arthritis

Cannabis is not only beneficial for fighting off chronic pain or inflammation. Recent research in 2016 opens up another dimension on the benefits of the substance. It suggests that THC is helpful in preventing the breakdown of essential cartilage that occurs in osteoarthritis. This way, patients won’t have to worry about deteriorating factors of the disease.

5. It alleviates tremors and improves life quality in people affected with Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological disorder in which the motor functions do not work normally. There are frequent seizures, shakiness in the limbs that make an individual difficult to perform even the simplest of daily activities such as walking.

Unfortunately, this disease is incurable. However, a study in the early 2000s showed miraculous results as cannabis showed a positive side in alleviating some type of tremors. With the help of more research, scientists might be able to find the actual cause of all tremors manifesting in this disease. They can also employ beneficial properties of cannabis to help reduce the signs of the disease.

6. Cannabis is helpful for patients of hypertension

Hypertension is the silent killer for a reason. It is one of the deadliest causes for life-threatening conditions without us knowing in time. Cannabis comes to the rescue here as well. A European study suggests that cannabis may help in reducing arterial blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Image: Green Rush Daily

7. Cannabis holds the effective power to help soothe apparent symptoms of depression related disorders

According to a study last year, people who used marijuana reported to have fewer symptoms of depression. Marijuana with a ratio adjusted according to higher cannabidiol (CBD) and low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was efficient in reducing depression-related symptoms. There is a hope that scientists will dive deeper into looking multi dimensionally into the problem. This way, they will be able to find ways to improvise the potential of the substance for the treatment of depression.

8. Cannabis prevents memory loss and protects the brain from cellular degradation

Research claims that cannabis is a very efficient measure to prevent memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease. This is because the disease occurs due to Aβ aggregation that deteriorates brain cells. This, in return, damages the person’s memory, and symptoms of dementia start to show up. The THC in cannabis plays a huge role in inhibiting the aggregation, so there is no damage to the brain cells.

9. You can use cannabis for treating your dermatological problems as well

Inflamed skin is not only unattractive, but it also provokes pain. If not controlled, it can result in adverse effects. CBD has a high potential to address the problem right at hand and normalize the immune function at the target area. This way, it helps in the immunosuppression of the inflamed region that many other skin lotions fail to achieve.

10. Cannabis is beneficial for cutting down fat and helps in weight loss

A study in the American Journal of Medicine in 2013 suggests that there are lower prevalence rates of obesity in cannabis users. This suggests that there is an association between cannabinoids and body metabolism. Specific cannabis has its compounds in the best proportion that induces a sedative effect that decreases the stress hormone secretion. This ultimately prevents the “munchies” from occurring among people.

11. Cannabis is effective in fighting off Glioma

One of the most exciting cancer research news came in 2014 when it was proved by scientists that the growth of brain cancer cells could be controlled. The CBD inhibits the growth of aggressive glioma. This was made more effective when oncologists used cannabis in combination with the radiotherapy. This study appears in the American Association for Cancer Research.

12. Cannabinoids CBG and CBD help in treating leukemia in children

According to research, CBD in combination with other compounds is effective in treating leukemia. Leukemia is a life-threatening cancer of bone marrow that especially occurs in children. The cannabinoids CBG and CBD in combination act synergistically in annihilating the tumor cells in the bone marrow.

13. Use cannabis to treat atherosclerosis and reduce elevated plaque

Cannabis is effective in lowering down cholesterol levels in the body. With that said, research solidifies the evidence as according to the scientists, using cannabis-infused edibles can have a positive effect on softening the hard arteries. This way, they are beneficial in treating atherosclerotic conditions, therefore preventing ischemia and heart attacks. The study got published in 2005, and it appears in the journal Nature.

14. It protects brain from further damage after strokes

With its intrinsic properties for softening the hard tissues, cannabis is an amazing therapeutic tool in protecting the soft tissues of the brain from further damage after strokes. Low amounts of THC in bloodstream declines the chance of death due to head trauma by 80% according to scientists. The study got published in 2011, and it appears in the journal The American Surgeon.

15. Cannabis proven to improve sleeping patterns and concentration in ADHD patients

Before finding various medical benefits of cannabis, people had been already aware of the positive effects cannabis has on sleep and concentration. Scientists dived deeper into finding the connection, and they equally acknowledged the benefits, if not more. A group of scientists from Germany scientifically proved these benefits when they observed improved signs of these factors in people with ADHD.

16. CBD in combination with malarial drugs can better treat malaria

According to research in 2015, a group of scientists confirmed cannabis to be effective when used in combination with malarial medicines for treating malaria. They tested mice with the medicinal drug Artesunate and CBD. The controlled group was only treated with medicine. Scientists found that the experimental group showed better cognitive functions than the controlled group. Also, the experimental group showed lower inflammation and stress than the ones in the controlled group.

17. Cannabis known to improve sex drive among occasional users

Many people use cannabis before having sex. The apparent factor lying behind is the potential of the substance in enhancing the capability to orgasm at a much enjoyable phase. Science suggests that cannabis has properties that alleviate stress and enhances euphoric sensations when stimulated. This way, it proves to increase libido in all genders. The only thing of concern here is the frequency of its usage. Chronic and too frequent use of the substance for achieving the results is not recommended.

Image: 123RF

18. Cannabis use proved to reduce road traffic accidents by 10 percent

Although people often use cannabis as a recreational drug, many say they have chosen to use it in place of the defamed substance, alcohol. This resulted in lesser fatality rates due to road traffic accidents. In 2013, scientists statistically evaluated that those states have legalized cannabis showed lesser fatality rates due to road traffic accidents than the rates of states with cannabis not legalized. The overall difference was 10 percent.

19. It declined crime rate, according to a study

Decriminalization of cannabis in several states has resulted in a decline of criminal activities. It is not just a table talk, and rather science has proved that. A group of scientists found that medical cannabis is shown to be effective in decreasing overall crime rates. Moreover, it specifically reduced crimes relating to assault and homicide. This study took place in 2014 for studying the relation between drug usage and crime rate.

20. You are less likely to get overdosed from its use

It is very ironical to find that there are drugs labeled legal that have toxic effects on the body if taken in exceeded dose. These substances include the famous nicotine and alcohol. In contrary to that, cannabis comes with extremely lesser toxicity than the aforementioned substances. In order to gain the same level of toxicity, the amount of cannabis would have to be multiplied to ten thousand which is practically not attainable. Scientists proved this in a study in 2015. It appears in the journal Nature.

21. CBD inhalers a great replacement therapy to smoking nicotine

According to a survey, scientists found that 40 percent of the smokers who wanted to quit smoking used cannabis inhaler as replacement therapy. They found that it helped them quit smoking quite effectively. Scientists conducted this study in 2013. They found, whenever these people wanted to smoke, they would puff the inhaler instead. It dramatically decreased their urge to smoke tobacco cigarettes afterward. The compound CBD works like a magic pill when it comes to getting rid of addictive and exceedingly harmful substances such as nicotine.

22. Cannabis legalization will improve the economy

There are many communities that have the potential to flourish well if given right the framework and opportunities to work in the betterment of the economy effectively. This includes giving them accessibility to resources and improving their skills.

To improve accessibility, it is up to the regulating bodies and law forming agencies to keep in mind the best interests of indigenous and underprivileged communities.

With the legalization of cannabis in underprivileged communities, the government would provide them the benefit to cultivate and then boost the growing economy in the emerging market. A study done in 2012 states that legalizing cannabis would generate a revenue of about 60 million dollars annually.

23. Cannabis can potentially prevent diabetes

A study from the scientists in the American Diabetes Association suggests THCV could show a new therapeutic substance in glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes. As THCV is present in cannabis, it points towards the fact that medical cannabis is helpful in controlling type 2 diabetes too. THC activates peripheral cannabinoid receptors, which in return regulate lipid metabolism and pancreatic function.

24. Cannabis is also beneficial for fighting off viral infections

Cannabis does not only destroy tumor cells, but it also has the potential to fight off infection caused by a virus of a special type. According to a study, scientists found that the compound THC has the efficacy of 80 percent to fight off the infection caused by the Herpes simplex virus.

25. Cannabis is extremely useful for fighting off stress and anxiety

The scientists examined that endocannabinoids are associated with better moods in people. These are chemicals present in the brain and activate the same receptors as tetrahydrocannabinol. On rodent testing, the scientists concluded that endocannabinoids are not produced in sufficient quantities in people suffering from chronic stress. THC could fill up the scarcity and hence could be used as a substitute for the chemical. Not only that, it might help normalize the chemical function and reduce depressive disorder symptoms. Scientists conducted the study in 2015.

With this much beneficial information proved by scientists, it becomes illogical to simply ignore this wonder of a substance. However, with more effective communication among the regulating bodies and science experts, and more specific research, there are bright chances that cannabis comes off as a superhero it deserves to be in the global market. It is not impossible, however, it will take time.



As dialog around cannabis takes focus stage, various seniors are addressing if restorative weed is perfect for them. This is prompting a marvel where older folks are dynamically holding onto weed as an elective sort of medicine for their different conditions. In any case, together with this change comes a great deal of vulnerability and mixed up convictions.


Cannabis has many medicinal benefits

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Cannabis has many medicinal benefits, and these are especially ideal for our beautiful senior citizens. Keep reading to discover how seniors can benefit from the healthy properties of medicinal marijuana.

With increased legalization includes a flurry of new products tailored to offer the benefits of medicinal cannabis without needing to smoke. CBD, the overriding non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, can be delivered in a number of ways such as oils, lotions, edibles, and ingestible tinctures. CBD provides all its advantages (of which there are many) without becoming users high. This makes it especially intriguing for seniors.

Most seniors do not understand that medical cannabis can enhance their quality of life, or the way the cannabis plant has undergone a cultural change in perspective. Since CBD can be delivered as an isolated infusion, older people are now able to benefit from its health-boosting prospects without needing to inhale smoke, and without the presence of the chief psychoactive compound THC. Needless to say, this isn’t to say that seniors can’t opt to smoke a joint or two if they need to.

Seniors take prescription medication on a daily basis, but the side effects of cannabis are insignificant in comparison to those of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs. Notice that not one person has died from a THC overdose.

Furthermore, cannabis has powerful antioxidants that can offer relief for several diseases faced by seniors, such as liver inflammation due to Hepatitis C, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), lupus, and other serious ailments that involve inflammation and oxidative damage.

Seniors grew up in a time of medication misinformation, to the point where some still think they will get hooked on cannabis the minute they use it. People can really use cannabis on a daily basis and be able to stop when they need to. What is more, abruptly stopping the use of cannabis does not have the exact same adverse withdrawal symptoms as smoking tobacco or drinking.

There are various strains of cannabis, each with its own advantages and effects. You will have strains that are meant for chronic pain, strains to keep you energised and focussed, and breeds to assist with sleep disorders like insomnia. With more choices than ever before, finding the ideal strain just got simpler.

Another misconception that many seniors have with cannabis is they must smoke it to acquire the medicinal benefits. As stated, there a number of strategies to ingest cannabis, from uncooked baked products to all manner of extracts. Among the most popular procedures of ingestion among seniors is in the form of an oil or tincture, allowing for rapid absorption by falling liquid under the tongue. This way, there isn’t any smoking necessary.



From topical lotions, ingestible tinctures, to petroleum vapors, CBD offers more inviting deliverables while steering away from the standard smoker or edible consumption. But, its not just about the range of ways people can eat cannabis but also the range of ailments which may be improved by, the responsible use of cannabis.

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research analyzed a prospective study of almost 3,000 patients over age 65 to find out more about the therapeutic effects of cannabis. While poor sleep quality, pain control and cancer were the most notable causes of cannabis use, they noticed that after six months of therapy 93.7% reported improvement in their condition, as well as reducing their use of prescription narcotics.

Another frequent reason seniors are incorporating CBD products to their everyday routine would be to balance their wake and sleep cycles. In the long term, lack of sleep in older adults may lead to serious medical conditions like heart disease and significant weight reduction.

Because CBD can decrease pain and anxiety, thousands of users throughout the country choose to utilize CBD as a night sleep aid. Some CBD products for sleep even contain melatonin that is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep in people. A nightly dose of CBD and melatonin can be especially effective for patients with recurring sleep difficulties as their joint effects make a relaxing and calming effect that can improve overall quality and quantity of sleep.


Possibly the most significant reason CBD is becoming a popular choice for seniors is that it generates no substantial unwanted effects and is non-addictive rather than a lot of pharmaceutical drugs. CBD also gives users a broader array of choices as it can be seen in a vast array of forms like CBD oils, CBD edibles, and even CBD java .

If you’re over age 50, CBD can prove to be an exceptional ally for your wellbeing and wellness needs. If you are thinking about CBD for your everyday routine, be sure extracts are obtained from industrial hemp grown in america.


CBD can minimize signs in the origin by treating underlying inflammation, minimizing the impact of the disease and alleviating the pain it triggers. Additionally, it is a powerful analgesic and modifies discomfort understanding in addition to assaulting the cause.

Use a CBD salve or cream to rub into muscles and joints, working both from within and from without to aim and eliminate pain and swelling.

CBD assists cure the inflammation found in the capillary of those struggling with heart disease and hypertension, perhaps lowering the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke with time in addition to decreasing blood pressure. CBD can also reduce swelling in the lungs and might have beneficial effects on the cardiopulmonary system. It might likewise lower inflammation in the brain after a stroke and could be practical in recovery and rehabilitation.

Selecting the Perfect CBD Program for Senior Citizens

Considering all the CBD items on the present market, it’s easy to get lost in the mess. Take a look at our CBD Purchaser’s Guide for details, nevertheless, the crucial takeaway is to search for short ingredient lists, restricted to a provider oil and CBD or hemp extract, when trying to find tinctures and softgels.

So, which sort of CBD is perfect for your enjoyed one? We advocate CBD softgels or CBD cast as basic and long-acting procedures that enable you to personalize your dosage easily and make dosing simple and straightforward. The orally consumed CBD needs rather longer to work (roughly 45 minutes), but it can last up to 8 hours.

For fast-acting relief, vaporizing CBD might be an option for some elders. Although it isn’t for everyone, vaping takes effect very quickly and lasts a few hours, that makes it a wonderful way to look after abrupt flare-ups of symptoms.

Topical salves can use localized relief from swelling and discomfort, targeting exactly what injures. Topicals may also alleviate sensations of stress and anxiety triggered by the disorientation brought on by dementia: simply rub it in their skin in a calming manner and aid bring them back to relax– using to the temples of forehead is exceptionally reliable.

Finding the Perfect CBD Dosage for Senior Citizens

When it concerns discovering the best dosage, CBD resembles any other medication: it might take a little

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