Medical CBD and Opioids

Medical cannabis considerably safer for old with chronic pain than Opioids 
American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

A new study found cannabis medical aid is safe and efficacious for old patients World Health Organizationarseeking 
to address cancer symptoms, unwellness|Parkinson’s syndrome|Parkinson’s|shaking palsy|brain disorder|encephalopathy|brain disease|degenerative disorder}, post-traumatic stress disorder, ulcerative 
colitis, regional ileitisMS, and different medical problemswhen six months, more
than eighteen% of patients surveyed had stopped mistreatment opioid analgesics or had reduced their  dosage.

Medical willnabis medical aid can considerablycut back chronic pain in patients age sixty five and older 
without adverse effects, in step with researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) 
and the Cannabis Clinical analysis Institute at Soroka University center

The new study, printedwithin the European Journal of general medicine, found cannabis medical aid
is safe and efficacious for old patients World Health Organizationar seeking to handle cancer symptoms, 
Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, inflammatory bowel diseaseregional ileitis, multiple 
sclerosis, and different medical problems

“While older patients represent an outsized and growing population of medical cannabis users, few 
studies have addressed however it affects this explicitclusterthatadditionally suffers from dementedness
frequent falls, qualityissues, and hearing and visual impairments,” says professor. Victor 
Novack, M.D., a faculty memberof medicationwithin the BGU school of Health Sciences (FOHS), and 
head of the Soroka Cannabis Clinical analysis Institute. Novack is additionally the BGU Gussie Krupp 
Chair in general medicine

“After observance patients sixty five and older for 6 months, we have a tendency to found medical cannabis treatment 
significantly relieves pain and improves quality of life for seniors with bottomfacet effects 

This older population represents a growing section of medical cannabis users, starting from
approximately seven % to overthirty three%reckoning on the country. Recent U.S. 
polls indicate Americans over sixty five represent fourteen% of the whole population and use over
30 % of all prescribed drugstogether withextremelyhabit-forming painkillers. 

BGU researchers surveyed a pair of,736 patients sixty five years and older World Health Organization received medical cannabis through
“Tikun Olam,” the most important Israeli medical cannabis provideroversixty% were 
prescribed medical cannabis thanks to the pain, significant pain related to cancer.

After six 
months of treatment, over-ninety three% of 901 respondents reportable their pain born from 
a median of eight to four on a 10-point scale. getting ready tosixty% of patients World Health Organization originally

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