CBD oil vape dosage


CBD oil vape pens have become all the rage, and with good reason. 

If you’re currently getting your CBD dosage via one of the many methods available, you may have considered vaping your CBD too.

Or perhaps you are already a vaper and are just becoming interested in how CBD can simply change your life. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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We’re going to give you a thorough rundown about CBD vape pens. Basically, it’s everything we think you need to know on the topic.

If you know a lot already and are simply looking for product info, feel free to skip ahead to our CBD vape pen product recommendations section.

For the rest of you, let’s start with the “why.” 

Why CBD Through Vapor?

That’s probably the first question you’re asking yourself. There are many ways to consume CBD. From oils and tinctures to edibles such as the very popular CBD gummies.

Each has their own advantages, and people who consume CBD oil will often have a favorite but are just as likely to use a combination of products.

The 3 most cited reasons for consuming CBD through vape pens are the following:

1. Quick effect. Vaping is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. This is primarily due to how it is delivered into your body. Edibles, for instance, will take a lot longer as the CBD needs to make its way through your intestines and be absorbed by the liver. The only thing that comes close to matching vaping is consuming via tinctures.

2. Bioavailability. This essentially refers to how effective the CBD you ingest is. Your liver will take what is called a “first pass” at it, leaving your bloodstream with about 15% of the CBD you actually consumed. Vaping avoids this, as a full 50-60% of the CBD is absorbed immediately via your lungs. That gives vaping a huge advantage over ingestion in terms of efficacy.

3. Dosage. As opposed to a single pill, or a gummy, CBD vape pens spread out your dosage. You’ll have more than enough in a CBD vape cartridge, but with it, you’ll also be able to pace yourself. Think of it as having more exact control of your dosage. Take a few puffs and see how you feel, then take a few more if you desire a stronger effect.

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

This all depends on how much experience you have with CBD, and what you are trying to treat. If you are a vaper already but are new to CBD, be sure you don’t treat it as you would with your other e-liquid.

Answering the question of how much CBD should I vape is not the same as asking yourself how much you should vape in general.

If you have a good idea of how much CBD you need for what you are already treating, you should also exercise some caution here.

Whenever you take a new form of CBD, it is always wise to start off lower than you normally would and see how your body reacts to it. This is especially the case with CBD vape pens because as we mentioned in the last section, vapor has a higher efficacy than ingestion.

That being said, here’s a rule of thumb from the non-profit CBD advocacy group CBD Century:

“For sleep disorders, 40 – 160 mg of CBD should be taken daily. Schizophrenic patients should inhale 40 – 1280 mg of CBD for up to one month. Chronic pain is another major ailment that CBD can suppress. Such patients with chronic pains should inhale between 2.5 mg and 20 mg of CBD daily for the next three to four weeks.”

What Are CBD Vape Pens?

Now that you know about the advantages of vaping CBD over other forms, and you hopefully answered the how much CBD should I vape question too, let’s get to CBD vape pens.

That’s the heart of the subject today, so allow us to take a step back and explain what vape pens are in general, and how CBD can be used in them.

You may know the term vape pen by now since vaping has become so popular in the past few years. The truth is, the term vape pen has come to encapsulate pretty much all vapor devices on the market.

The electronic cigarette was the term first used, and then came vaporizer, and now vape pen. All are used and do have some variation in meaning, but for our purposes, let’s begin by calling them vapor devices.

The general theory behind a vapor device is to take a liquid and heat it up to the point where the vapor is created, which can then be inhaled into the lungs.

The concept actually goes back to the 1970s, but it was only in this past decade that it really caught on as a way for cigarette smokers to have an alternative.

A vapor device is composed of three main segments: a tank or cartridge to hold e-liquid, an atomizer that serves as a heating element, and a battery that provides power to the atomizer. There are other parts, like sensors and chips, but this is the basic construct.

vape-pen-parts CBD oil vape dosage

As the market for vapor products grew, so did the types of devices.

Vape pens emerged as a smaller and easy to use version of an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. Along with the growth in the type of vapor devices, we also saw growth in the types of elements that could be vaped.

Where initially the intent was to deliver liquid nicotine, quickly there was the realization that vapor could be the vehicle to deliver a number of other compounds in an efficient manner.

Enter the idea of CBD vape pens! If other chemical compounds could use vapor, why not CBD? Instead of filling a vape pen with e-liquid or vape juice that contained nicotine, one could fill it with CBD.

Thus CBD vape juice was born and with it a host of benefits. It could be housed in a CBD vape cartridge, or sold in bottles for refillable pens. It could serve as a delivery platform for the incredible benefits of CBD.

Common Types of CBD Vape Pens

vape-pens CBD oil vape dosage

CBD vape pens are basically one kind of vapor device, and there are several different types or variations currently on the market. Let’s go through those types and, following that, we’ll touch upon a few recommendations for each.

The first distinguishing factor between different types of vape pens is if they are of the disposable or reusable kind. This will be the first major decision you make before you purchase a CBD vape pen.

1. Disposable CBD Vape Pen. A disposable vape pen is just that – you use it until your CBD is done, and then you throw it away. The advantages here are obvious. You don’t need to charge it or maintain it in any way. The primary disadvantage of a disposable vape pen is cost, as it will end up being more expensive than a reusable. You also have a more limited selection of products in comparison to a reusable.

2. Reusable CBD Vape Pen. A reusable CBD vape pen will involve a greater initial investment, but as the name suggests you will be using it over an over again and saving money in the long run.

If you choose a reusable CBD vape pen, you’ll have yet another decision to make. This would be between a cartridge based CBD vape pen and a refillable one.

1. Cartridge-Based CBD Vape Pen. If you go with a cartridge based CBD vape pen, it’s almost like having half of a disposable. The pen itself is multi-use, but the CBD vape cartridge is thrown away when it is emptied. Simply screw on a new CBD vape cartridge and keep vaping. Very easy to use.

The disadvantage here is that not all cartridges are interchangeable, so you may be limited to one or a few CBD brands. It’s also more expensive than a refillable.

2. Refillable CBD Vape Pen. A refillable CBD vape pen allows you to refill it when you have used up all the CBD vape juice. Instead of a cartridge, you’ll typically find that the pen has a tank to hold your juice.

The advantages to a refillable lie in their flexibility and cost. You can refill with any type of e-liquid or CBD vape juice you like, even from companies that can’t sell you a CBD vape cartridge. It also ends up being a lot more cost effective per mg of CBD by purchasing your own juice and refilling. The biggest downside to them is that there is more to fuss with. You’ll need to maintain it.

Confusion Over CBD Vape Juice?

Before we give you some product recommendations, it is important to clear up some confusion over CBD vape juice. Due to the fact that the CBD industry is still relatively new and growing quickly, there is still a great deal of confusion and misinformation out there.

We’d like to address the confusion over CBD vape juice since it is so directly related to CBD vape pens, which can also be called CBD vape oil pens. Therein lies the issue.

The crux of the problem here is in the misuse of the term CBD oil. You’ll see many websites that write about and even sell CBD oil, and ones that will do the same for CBD vape juice but call it CBD oil.

These are not the same thing! Despite commonly being referred to by the same name, there is a clear difference between CBD oil and CBD vape juice.

CBD oil is composed of CBD that is suspended in some type of oil that you can digest. Typically that would be in olive oil, coconut oil, or the like.

This oil is meant to be taken orally and ingested through your stomach. It is not meant to be put into a CBD vape pen! Filling your CBD vape pen with oil is a terrible idea, as the oil is too thick to vape. You won’t get any CBD out of it, it’ll simply taste terrible, and it can actually be dangerous.

CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid is a combination of CBD (often in the form of CBD isolate) and other ingredients that you would find in any regular e-liquid.

That usually means it contains flavoring and propylene glycol or vegetable glycol, which is what produces the vapor when heated.

If you’re buying a CBD vape cartridge, you don’t really have a problem. But if you are refilling your own CBD vape pen, be absolutely sure of what you are buying.

Sometimes CBD vape juice will also be called CBD vape oil, just like we can call them CBD vape pens or CBD vape oil pens and that’s okay. But don’t be confused and think that any old CBD oil can be vaped.

Vaping actual CBD oil can cause lipoid pneumonia, so it’s not just a bad experience you’ll have but it can actually be really bad for you.

Make sure you’re actually purchasing a product that is meant to be vaped. There are a lot out there and they come in some incredible flavors too. Check out some of our favorite CBD vape juice flavors on our Pinterest page.

Product Recommendations (Updated December 12, 2018)

We would be remiss if we didn’t offer at least a few product recommendations. Below each is a button to take you to the full review for each product where available.

We’re constantly adding products we love to this list and adding more full reviews. In the meantime, here are some of our favorites.

Recommended Disposable CBD Vape Pens

1. CBDfx Vape Pens:

CBDFX-vape-pens CBD oil vape dosage

We love this brand for their CBD gummies, but they do make great CBD vape pens as well. One CBD disposable vape pen will set you back about $15 for 30mg of CBD, so it’s definitely more for light users given the lower CBD count.

They’re currently available in fresh mint and strawberry lemonade flavors. These vape pens use a mixture of VG and PG as a carrier for their CBD and should be good for around 300 puffs.

cbdfx-review CBD oil vape dosage

2. CBDistillery Vape Pens:

cbdistillery CBD oil vape dosage

These CBD vape pens are made by the well-known and respected CBDistillery brand. They come in a variety of flavors, from Strawberry Lemonade to Grand Daddy Purp and cost around $25 for 200mg of CBD. Now, these pens do not contain PG or VG, but actually, use something called MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) as a carrier for CBD. For some this is a plus, for others, it is a big no-no. The research is still developing, so you’ll have to make your decision on this.


Recommended Reusable CBD Vape Pens + Cartridges

1. Koi Stik CBD Vape Pens:

koi-stik-vape-pen CBD oil vape dosage

Koi is known for their great quality products, and here they make it really easy. These CBD vape pens use a pod system, which is essentially a refillable cartridge. Just fill up an empty pod with 1.8ml of CBD vape juice and you’re ready to go. 

The Stik goes for $16.99 and the pods come in a 2-pack for $8.99, but you have to toss them after a few uses. It is isn’t the cheapest option, but super easy and high quality.


Recommended CBD Oil Vape Juice

Koi CBD Vape Juice:

c3bc9110 CBD oil vape dosage

Again, this is a top quality brand and their focus is primarily vaping CBD. That means you end up with a great attention to detail. Their line of CBD vape juice comes in 6 different flavors and in bottles ranging from 100mg at $29.99 and up to 1000mg for $99.99.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Vape Juice:

This brand is a dream for CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid as they call it. They’re up to 10 flavors now, with incredible options such as Glazed Chocolate Donut and Exotic Watermelon Kush. They have a wide range of bottle sizes and CBD strengths.

With prices ranging from $14.99 all the way up to a huge pack for $299.99, they also fit anyone’s budget.

CBDfx CBD Vape-Oil Additive

CBDfx-CBD-Hemp-Additives-300mg CBD oil vape dosage

CBDfx has really increased their vape lineup and still kept their great customer experience standards. We’re a big fan of the brand and enjoy their disposable CBD vape pen, but this route is definitely more cost effective once you are set up to refill your own. This is an additive so you can add it to any vape juice you like since it has a very mild natural flavor. You can also vape it on its own or take it orally.

This CBD vape oil additive comes in three different strengths and ranges in price accordingly, from $34.99 to $74.99.

Recommended CBD Vape Pens

CBDfx CBD Vape Kit

products-3-VapeKit_Mod_042418 CBD oil vape dosage

After creating a very popular line of CBD vape oils, CBDfx finally got around to creating their own CBD vape oil pen kit. Unlike just about every vape pen on the market, this one is designed with CBD users specifically in mind. It is constructed from high-quality steel materials and comes pre-set to the right temperature so your CBD vape oil doesn’t burn.

CBDfx has made this vape kit really easy for anyone to use and they also made it cost effective. You can pick up this kit for only $39.99, making it one of the least expensive ones we’ve come across.

Halo Triton II Vape Pens

Halo-Triton-Vape-Pen CBD oil vape dosage

Halo was among the second wave of brands that really disrupted the electronic cigarette market and offered variety and flexibility. The same goes for their Triton vape pens.

They have a wide variety of parts and kits to build your perfect CBD vape pen.

We would recommend the Triton II Starter Kit, which is only $39.99 and comes with two batteries, two tanks, and everything else you need to start vaping.

Summing Up

Make it this far down the page? Great! We know we just hit you with a lot of information. We didn’t call it the Complete Guide to CBD Vape Pens for nothing.

The truth is, deciding how to consume CBD can be difficult. There isn’t a bad way to get your CBD.

Whether you go with a CBD vape pen or an edible, each has its own advantages.

The same goes whether you decide on a disposable CBD vape pen, or decide to refill your own with CBD vape juice. The important part of all of this is that you find relief for what you need help with.

If you still have any questions or concerns, or if you feel you can add insights we missed, please comment below.

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