Cannabis has many medicinal benefits

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Cannabis has many medicinal benefits, and these are especially ideal for our beautiful senior citizens. Keep reading to discover how seniors can benefit from the healthy properties of medicinal marijuana.

With increased legalization includes a flurry of new products tailored to offer the benefits of medicinal cannabis without needing to smoke. CBD, the overriding non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, can be delivered in a number of ways such as oils, lotions, edibles, and ingestible tinctures. CBD provides all its advantages (of which there are many) without becoming users high. This makes it especially intriguing for seniors.

Most seniors do not understand that medical cannabis can enhance their quality of life, or the way the cannabis plant has undergone a cultural change in perspective. Since CBD can be delivered as an isolated infusion, older people are now able to benefit from its health-boosting prospects without needing to inhale smoke, and without the presence of the chief psychoactive compound THC. Needless to say, this isn’t to say that seniors can’t opt to smoke a joint or two if they need to.

Seniors take prescription medication on a daily basis, but the side effects of cannabis are insignificant in comparison to those of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs. Notice that not one person has died from a THC overdose.

Furthermore, cannabis has powerful antioxidants that can offer relief for several diseases faced by seniors, such as liver inflammation due to Hepatitis C, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), lupus, and other serious ailments that involve inflammation and oxidative damage.

Seniors grew up in a time of medication misinformation, to the point where some still think they will get hooked on cannabis the minute they use it. People can really use cannabis on a daily basis and be able to stop when they need to. What is more, abruptly stopping the use of cannabis does not have the exact same adverse withdrawal symptoms as smoking tobacco or drinking.

There are various strains of cannabis, each with its own advantages and effects. You will have strains that are meant for chronic pain, strains to keep you energised and focussed, and breeds to assist with sleep disorders like insomnia. With more choices than ever before, finding the ideal strain just got simpler.

Another misconception that many seniors have with cannabis is they must smoke it to acquire the medicinal benefits. As stated, there a number of strategies to ingest cannabis, from uncooked baked products to all manner of extracts. Among the most popular procedures of ingestion among seniors is in the form of an oil or tincture, allowing for rapid absorption by falling liquid under the tongue. This way, there isn’t any smoking necessary.


From topical lotions, ingestible tinctures, to petroleum vapors, CBD offers more inviting deliverables while steering away from the standard smoker or edible consumption. But, its not just about the range of ways people can eat cannabis but also the range of ailments which may be improved by, the responsible use of cannabis.

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research analyzed a prospective study of almost 3,000 patients over age 65 to find out more about the therapeutic effects of cannabis. While poor sleep quality, pain control and cancer were the most notable causes of cannabis use, they noticed that after six months of therapy 93.7% reported improvement in their condition, as well as reducing their use of prescription narcotics.

Another frequent reason seniors are incorporating CBD products to their everyday routine would be to balance their wake and sleep cycles. In the long term, lack of sleep in older adults may lead to serious medical conditions like heart disease and significant weight reduction.

Because CBD can decrease pain and anxiety, thousands of users throughout the country choose to utilize CBD as a night sleep aid. Some CBD products for sleep even contain melatonin that is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep in people. A nightly dose of CBD and melatonin can be especially effective for patients with recurring sleep difficulties as their joint effects make a relaxing and calming effect that can improve overall quality and quantity of sleep.


Possibly the most significant reason CBD is becoming a popular choice for seniors is that it generates no substantial unwanted effects and is non-addictive rather than a lot of pharmaceutical drugs. CBD also gives users a broader array of choices as it can be seen in a vast array of forms like CBD oils, CBD edibles, and even CBD java .

If you’re over age 50, CBD can prove to be an exceptional ally for your wellbeing and wellness needs. If you are thinking about CBD for your everyday routine, be sure extracts are obtained from industrial hemp grown in america.


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CBD can minimize signs in the origin by treating underlying inflammation, minimizing the impact of the disease and alleviating the pain it triggers. Additionally, it is a powerful analgesic and modifies discomfort understanding in addition to assaulting the cause.

Use a CBD salve or cream to rub into muscles and joints, working both from within and from without to aim and eliminate pain and swelling.

CBD assists cure the inflammation found in the capillary of those struggling with heart disease and hypertension, perhaps lowering the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke with time in addition to decreasing blood pressure. CBD can also reduce swelling in the lungs and might have beneficial effects on the cardiopulmonary system. It might likewise lower inflammation in the brain after a stroke and could be practical in recovery and rehabilitation.

Selecting the Perfect CBD Program for Senior Citizens

Considering all the CBD items on the present market, it’s easy to get lost in the mess. Take a look at our CBD Purchaser’s Guide for details, nevertheless, the crucial takeaway is to search for short ingredient lists, restricted to a provider oil and CBD or hemp extract, when trying to find tinctures and softgels.

So, which sort of CBD is perfect for your enjoyed one? We advocate CBD softgels or CBD cast as basic and long-acting procedures that enable you to personalize your dosage easily and make dosing simple and straightforward. The orally consumed CBD needs rather longer to work (roughly 45 minutes), but it can last up to 8 hours.

For fast-acting relief, vaporizing CBD might be an option for some elders. Although it isn’t for everyone, vaping takes effect very quickly and lasts a few hours, that makes it a wonderful way to look after abrupt flare-ups of symptoms.

Topical salves can use localized relief from swelling and discomfort, targeting exactly what injures. Topicals may also alleviate sensations of stress and anxiety triggered by the disorientation brought on by dementia: simply rub it in their skin in a calming manner and aid bring them back to relax– using to the temples of forehead is exceptionally reliable.

Finding the Perfect CBD Dosage for Senior Citizens

When it concerns discovering the best dosage, CBD resembles any other medication: it might take a little

Jimmy Buffett Cannabis

Jimmy Buffett Launches Cannabis Brand ‘Coral Reefer’

April 16, 2019, 5:16 pmJohnny GreenMarijuana Business

coral reefer jimmy buffett marijuana cannabis

Surterra Wellness (Surterra), one of the nation’s fastest growing health and wellness companies, will officially kick-off the national launch of the Coral Reefer™ cannabis brand, a range of wellness-focused cannabis products and lifestyle merchandise, in Florida on April 19. The highly anticipated Coral Reefer brand will initially be exclusively distributed through the more than 20 Surterra Wellness Centers located in most major cities throughout Florida, and will roll-out in other states, including California and Nevada, by mid-summer 2019.

“It never dawned on me that Coral Reefer would be anything other than a cool name for a tropical band born out of the Key West lifestyle in the mid-70s,” singer, songwriter and best-selling author, Jimmy Buffett said. “But life is supposed to be about having fun and staying healthy enough to enjoy it.  I think Coral Reefer will help a lot of folks do that.”

Surterra Wellness developed Coral Reefer in collaboration with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer team based on a landmark global licensing deal.  The new Coral Reefer cannabis brand aims to enhance peoples’ lives while representing the carefree, relaxed roots of Key West. The launch of Coral Reefer represents a new approach of bringing cannabis and lifestyle products to consumers through an exclusive collaboration with an established, iconic, global brand.

“Launching Coral Reefer marks another exciting and transformative milestone for Surterra Wellness in a period of rapid growth,” said Surterra Chairman and CEO William “Beau” Wrigley, Jr. “The Coral Reefer brand reflects our intention to give consumers access to high-quality wellness and cannabis-based products through best-in-class partnerships with people and organizations that reflect our standards and values.  Jimmy and his team share our commitment to quality and the belief that individuals can find personal wellness through the relief enhancing benefits and healing properties of cannabis.”

At launch, Coral Reefer will offer a selection of cannabis-based product formulas available in both disposable and reusable battery vaporizer formats and branded merchandise, including hats and t-shirts.  The uniquely designed vape pen called the TideRider™ embodies the spirit of the brand with a sleek surfboard design, variable temperature controls and advanced ceramic coil technology for a clean and consistent vaping experience.  All branded products feature the new signature Coral Reefer logo, a distinctive tropical design and Key West-inspired colors.

Later this year, the Coral Reefer brand plans to extend its product line to include edibles, topicals, pre-rolls, and CBD only formulas, inspired by tropical summer days. The expanded product selection will provide alternative ways to access the beneficial effects of cannabis, offering even more ways to unwind, relax and de-stress.

Our intention is to create cannabis products that provide natural alternatives for consumers to achieve personal wellness,” said Beau Wrigley. “This is a pivotal time in the industry, where perceptions of cannabis continue to evolve.  Coral Reefer provides a new platform to expand the conversation around cannabis use and change the misconceptions of this truly beneficial plant that can improve the health of millions of Americans.”

Coral Reefer vaporizer formulas have four different CBD-to-THC ratios that range from mild to high intensity (Low Tide, Mid Tide, High Tide and Tsunami) and were developed to provide tailored benefits for adults seeking pain relief, mood management, or total body relaxation.

Coral Reefer Vaporizer Formulations

  • Seas the Day is a CBD-dominant blend that offers a gentle calming effect to help you breathe in, breathe out, and move on from the tension of your day.
  • Cabana Daydreamin’ is a fresh evening breeze that delivers a balanced blend of CBD and THC for full body relaxation.
  • Stories We Could Tell is a relaxing THC-rich blend to help you manage pain without drowsiness so you can be present with friends and family.
  • Surfin’ in a Hurricane is a THC only formula that can help manage acute pain and bring sunshine to your stormy day.

Vaporizer Devices

  • Disposable: The disposable vaporizer pens offer a slim profile and subtle wood grain design – a stylish and discreet way to catch the right wave whenever the moment is right.
  • TideRider Reusable Battery: The TideRider is a uniquely designed rechargeable vaporizer pen that features easy-to-use variable temperature control, preheat function, ceramic coil technology, and a sleek surfboard style.  Available in three colors, the TideRider is compatible with the full line of Coral Reefer vaporizer pods.

For more information on Coral Reefer products, please visit Follow Coral Reefer on Instagram and Twitter at @CoralReefer and “Like” us on Facebook at @CoralReeferBrand.

About Surterra Wellness
Surterra Wellness (Surterra) is one of the nation’s fastest growing health and wellness companies.  With vertical operations in Florida, Texas and Nevada, and a pending acquisition in Massachusetts, Surterra brings a broad portfolio of high-quality brands to meet the needs of individuals who choose the natural medical relief and wellness enhancing benefits of cannabis products. Surterra offers a wide variety of medical, health and wellness products in multiple delivery options, including vaporizer pens, tinctures, oral sprays, topical creams, time released transdermal patches, and softgels.  The company’s brand portfolio includes:  Surterra Wellness, Florida’s Finest, The Apothecary Shoppe, and now Coral Reefer brands.  Founded in 2014, Surterra serves thousands of consumers each year.  For more information, please visit

About Coral Reefer, LLC 
Coral Reefer, LLC, a global licensing company significantly owned by Jimmy Buffett, is the owner of the Coral Reefer™ brand. Through a global licensing deal with Surterra Wellness, the Coral Reefer™ cannabis brand will offer a variety of effects-based cannabis products, lifestyle merchandise and wellness-focused products to enhance peoples’ lives while representing the carefree, relaxed roots of Key West.  Coral Reefer cannabis products are designed to provide the benefits adults seek – from pain relief to mood management to total body relaxation. Coral Reefer offers carefully crafted cannabis vaporizer formulas in different CBD-to-THC ratios that use natural terpenes to optimize the cannabis’ beneficial effects.  Coral Reefer is available exclusively through Surterra Wellness Center locations in Florida, with nationwide distribution over time.

Source: PR Newswire

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Type 1 Diabetes

This could be of value to you and yours

Type 1 Diabetes Cannabis

Health Cannabis-for-all

Millions of people around the world live with diabetes or know someone living with diabetes. The majority have type 2 diabetes, but an important minority have type 1 diabetes (~5%).  Contrary to popular belief, type 1 diabetes is not a childhood disease.  It occurs at every age, in people of every race, and of every shape and size. In fact, there are more adults who have type 1 diabetes than children, although it was previously known as juvenile diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. The body breaks down the carbohydrates you eat into blood glucose (also called blood sugar), which it uses for energy. Insulin is a hormone that the body needs to get glucose from the bloodstream into the cells of the body. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even young children can learn to manage their condition and live long, healthy lives.