Pharma vs Natural Healing

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Big Pharma

vs Natural Healing


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The $450 billion a year pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the creation, distribution and marketing of what is commonly thought of as medicine.

Everything from the Aspirin we take to relieve a headache to the Tylenol used to lower a fever qualifies as medicine.

Likewise, life-saving drugs such as insulin, epinephrine, Digitalis, as well as penicillin and other vaccines for deadly illnesses fall underneath the blanket term “Big Pharma.”

While there are a large number of “Big Pharma” companies in North America, the top three are Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and Merck and Company.

There are a number of big pharmaceutical companies in America, with the top three being Johnson & Johnson (which did over eighteen billion in sales during the last quarter of 2016), Pfizer (averaged around thirteen billion) and Merck & Company (averaged a relatively minor ten billion in sales).

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