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Olivia Newton-John Says Husband’s Home-Grown Cannabis Is Helping with Her Cancer Pain

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  1. Cannabis (marijuana) is a plant which has biologically active compounds in its leaves, flowers, and buds and their extracts (as an instance, petroleum and concentrates). People can use cannabis for medical or non-medical explanations.

    The two most biologically active compounds in cannabis are THC and CBD. THC affects how you think, behave, and feel. It can cause you to feel drunk or “high.”

    There are numerous types, or strains, of cannabis. Each plant contains specific THC-to-CBD ratios. As a result of this, some breeds have different sorts of effects than others. By way of instance, if a strain of cannabis has a greater ratio of THC to CBD, it is more likely to influence your judgment, coordination, and decision making.

    How can it be used?

    There are lots of ways people can use cannabis.

    Inhale it like a vapour.

    Eat it in homemade or prepared foods (edibles).

    If you use cannabis, you could be putting your health in danger.

    Short-term health consequences

    Individuals frequently use cannabis for how it makes them feel. Applying it may make them

    Feel relaxed or drunk (“large”).

    Feel hungry so they consume more.

    Feel less nauseous or decrease nausea due to cancer chemotherapy drugs.

    However, it may also cause unwanted side effects, for example:

    Stress or paranoid thoughts.


    Nausea and vomiting.

    Changes in blood pressure.

    How soon and how long you might feel the effects of cannabis is dependent upon several things, such as how it was taken. By way of instance, when cannabis is smoked, the effects can usually be felt within seconds after inhaling. On the other hand, when cannabis is consumed, the effects might not be felt for up to 90 minutes after you eat it. Since the effects are not felt straight away, people can believe they need more and utilize too much. To prevent this, start with small amounts until you understand how edibles affect you.

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