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DALLAS, April 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Kali-Extracts, Inc. (Kali, Inc. dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.) (USOTC: KALY) (“KALY”) today confirmed plans to reveal a fourth research and development initiative for a treatment of a heath issue with a cannabis extract derived from the company’s patented cannabis extraction process.  The company currently has ongoing cannabis extract research and development targeting four specific health issues, COPD, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer Pain Management and one additional health issue KALY plans to announce next week leading up to an online presentation with more detail on each of the treatment developments later this month.  The market for Type 2 Diabetes is expected to be a $64 billion market by 2026.  The market for COPD treatment is anticipated to reach $14 billion by 2025.  The overall pain management treatment market is anticipated to reach $83 billion by 2024.

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