How to Decarboxylate Cannabis at Home for better results

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In order to decarboxylate cannabis at home, all you need is some starting material, a pre-heated oven set to 220-235 degrees F (I like to use my own thermomiter ), some parchment paper, and a baking tray. Finely grind your cannabis until the material can be spread thin over parchment and placed on your baking sheet. Allow the cannabis to bake for 20-35 minutes, or longer if desired. It’s important not to let the temperature go over 350 degrees F. as the temperature continues to rise the THC starts breaking down and turns to CBD then burns and becomes ineffective 
Cannabis can also be decarboxylated in a slow cooker by introducing solvents such as cooking oils or lecithin. These methods create infusions that can be used in a variety of cooking recipes, topicals, and even cannabis capsules. Since they contain decarboxylated cannabinoids, they will be effective any way you choose to consume them.

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