10 Rare Diseases That Cannabis May Treat —

  There are thousands of disorders out there that have remained understudied due to their rarity and complexity. Cannabis and cannabinoid compounds may provide complex solutions to these complex diseases. Medicinal cannabis programs are now helping to discover these solutions and deliver them to the patients that desperately need them. Tuberous sclerosis complex A rare… via […]

Study Shows The Therapeutic Effects of Marijuana on Autistic Children — Patients for Medical Cannabis

via wakeup-world.com By Marco Torres Guest Writer for Wake Up World A new study on how marijuana affects autism will undoubtedly fuel the flames of the debate over medical cannabis, particularly given its implications on the uncharted use of pot in kids for medical conditions. via Study Shows The Therapeutic Effects of Marijuana on Autistic Children […]

People Who Use Marijuana For Gut Inflammation Might Actually Be on to Something — Patients for Medical Cannabis

Via ScienceAlert The first evidence is in. A new study shows that molecules involved in our bodies’ processing of cannabis, called endocannabinoids, may have the potential to control and prevent intestinal inflammation in mice. While the research does not necessarily extend to humans, it does hint at why some cannabis users find that the […] via […]

Customers use CBD hemp oil for anxiety relief

          Lots of our customers use CBD hemp oil for anxiety relief, as evidenced by the testimonials and reviews on our site. We’re not in a position to make any definitive medical claims about CBD’s palliative effect on anxiety. Besides, everyone reacts to CBD differently, and there’s no blanket answer for […]

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